If you'd like to upgrade to the SuperFast Fibre Optic broadband before your contract has began, we can apply this on to your account if this is available at your home. The upgraded connection will be either be set up with Plusnet or Virgin Media, depending on the availability within your area and whether the internet has already been ordered. If the internet has already been ordered when you request to upgrade, you will be placed on the SuperFast Fibre Optic broadband with Plusnet and can no longer upgrade to Virgin Media.

There will be a slight increase in your weekly cost going forward to cover the fibre connection, you will be able to see the price increase based on your group size on your ‘Utility Order Form’ which was completed by your group to get the utilities account set up. simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to re-send this to you. If you'd like to request to upgrade to the fibre connection please let us know.