If your router hasn’t been delivered on the date confirmed, the router may not have been able to fit through your letterbox due to the size. You should receive a Royal Mail missed delivery slip through the letterbox on the same date, this will confirm details on where you can pick your router up from, this is usually your local post office. The post office usually holds deliveries for 18 days, if it's been longer than this, we will need to rearrange another delivery date with Plusnet. You can request a new delivery date and we’ll try and get this rearranged for the date provided; if this isn’t available then this will be booked in for the next date that is available.

Virgin Media

If Yodel aren’t able to deliver your QuickStart kit as they were unable to speak to somebody in the property to get a signature on the confirmed delivery date, Yodel will then make two further delivery attempts on the following working days. If you can, please ensure that somebody is in to answer the door in the following 2 working days to sign for this package. If it’s been longer than 2 working days since your original delivery date, please let us know a preferred delivery date and we’ll work to get this rearranged as soon as possible. If your new requested delivery date isn’t available, we’ll book this in for the next available date.