Broadband speeds can vary dependant on various factors within a property which are often out of our control. If you're experiencing speed issues, it would be best to first perform a wired speed test via ethernet cable. By performing a hardwired speed test, this will indicate what speeds your router is receiving. This will differ to wireless speed tests as Wi-Fi will be subject to interference from different factors within the property (e.g thick walls, electrical interference from other appliances, etc.). You can perform a speed test here.

If the speeds are lower than expected, we would firstly advise you to go through to technical support which you can find details for on our 'How do I contact technical support?’ article. Your internet provider will be able to run further tests and see if they can detect any issues with the connection from their side.

If it’s range issues that you’re experiencing where the connection isn’t reaching some of the rooms, we would advise your group to purchase a Wi-Fi Extender which should help to extend the connection throughout the property.

If you’re on the standard ADSL connection which is included in your fixed weekly cost, you may be able to upgrade to the SuperFast Fibre Optic connection at an additional cost, where you should expect much higher speeds. You can view our article on ‘I want to upgrade during my contract’ for details on how to upgrade your connection.