Don’t worry if you’ve received a letter directly from the energy supplier addressed to UniHomes such as a welcome or tariff letter as these can be ignored. It can sometimes take a short while for the energy suppliers system to update with our details, meaning that a welcome letter may be sent to your home automatically. As soon as the details have been updated on their system, we’ll receive all future correspondence through to our office so you can leave the utilities to us.

If the letter that you’ve received is addressed to ‘The Occupier’, you can disregard this, as there will be a changeover happening in the background for the account to be switched over to UniHomes.

If you’ve received a bill addressed to UniHomes, this has been sent to your address in error and should have been sent to ourselves. We will need a copy of this bill so that we can change the correspondence address with the supplier and make payment. If you’ve received a bill addressed to UniHomes then please send the copy of this over to us.

If you’ve received either a bill from an energy supplier or a debt collection company in your name (in error), we’ll need a copy of this letter so that we can contact the supplier or the debt collection company to get this resolved.