The weekly utility cost is a fixed amount, however there are a few situations where you may be charged an additional one-off payment, please see the following below:

You have had a late fee added to your payments

You may have been charged a ‘late fee’ if we have failed to collect your monthly payment on the due date. You can find out more on the late fee on our article ‘I’ve been charged £12.00’.

You have been charged for the upgraded fibre broadband cost

Your group may have recently upgraded to the SuperFast Fibre Optic broadband connection and the cost to upgrade has been charged to each of your bank accounts. The cost to upgrade will only be collected from each tenant once the fibre connection has been activated. You can view more about the costs involved once you’ve upgraded you broadband connection on ‘I want to upgrade before my contract has started’ and ‘I want to upgrade during my contract’.

A housemates share has been split

You may have been charged to cover a housemate’s share if we have failed to collect their monthly payment throughout the month. We attempt to collect each tenants’ monthly share up to 4 times per month and send payment reminders throughout the month. If, towards the end of the month we haven’t received the payment or communication from the tenant, your group will be sent an email to advise that the payment may be split if the payment isn’t made in the following few days.

If we've been unable to collect a tenants share and they haven’t given us a date that they can make the payment, their payment will go through the automated split process for the rest of the group, as per the terms and conditions of your contract. We’d recommend contacting them directly to resolve this.

If you’d like to query a specific additional payment that has been selected, you can contact us and just let us know the amount, along with the date that the payment was collected and we’ll be happy to assist.