Your utility package is offered as a ‘fixed cost contract’ and is based on the average consumption of your group size. The estimation calculated by UniHomes is based on our previous experience of tenants’ usage in general. We aren’t able to provide a full breakdown of each utility as we have ultimately offered our package at a fixed cost as agreed by the group. However, you can rest assured that this fixed cost for each tenant won’t fluctuate throughout the contract; giving you peace of mind.

The utility contract resembles somewhat of a phone contract, in that we offer utilities for the set contract length at an agreed cost, despite consumption. We have extensive experience in managing student properties over a number of years and the weekly cost is based upon the average consumption seen over the different group sizes. The overall consumption in student properties is typically a lot more than that of a family home, as it’s a house that runs 24/7 with people using many devices simultaneously.