You’re responsible for the utilities at your home from your tenancy start date, therefore it’s always best to start your utility contract when your tenancy begins, to avoid any unexpected costs from the suppliers of the property.

Please see below the benefits of starting your utility contract alongside your tenancy:

  • Some of the utilities run throughout the full 12 month period and will be remain the same regardless of whether anybody is living at the property or not. For example, the minimum term for the internet and TV Licence is 12 months; therefore payment would be due from when your utility contract begins.
  • The cost of your utilities has been planned based on the full 12 months, so this will not rise or fall throughout the winter or summer and you can rest assured that we’ll maintain a fixed monthly cost. Your monthly cost would however be affected if the utility contract length was shorter.
  • Your group would still be responsible for the utilities from the date that your tenancy begins which could result in unexpected costs from the suppliers throughout this period. Please plan ahead and ensure that you’re aware of any cross-over dates to avoid this.