If you’ve received an email to advise that your Direct Debit hasn’t been set up correctly and needs to be amended, this could be due to an error when setting this up.

It’s likely that you’ve ticked the ‘third-party authorisation’ check box in error when setting up your Direct Debit which will result in ‘Pending Customer Approval’. To rectify this, all that you need to do is follow the instructions on the email which should have been sent to you. Additionally, you can set up another Direct Debit using the original link received via email to replace the Direct Debit that has been set up incorrectly. Just be sure to leave the third-party authorisation check box blank when filling this out again and you’ll be good to go!

If you’ve received an email advising that your Direct Debit has failed to be set up correctly and needs to be set up again, this may have been set up using a savings account or the bank account may not potentially accept Direct Debit’s.

Please set your Direct Debit up again on the original email that you received using a different bank account that isn’t a savings account and is able to accept Direct Debit payments, this will then allow us to collect your monthly utility payments.