Our system is only able to accept Direct Debit’s set up from UK bank accounts, we do however have systems in place which can assist if you don’t currently have a UK bank account set up.

Please find options below:

  • A friend or family member can set the Direct Debit up on your behalf, simply forward them the email that has been sent to you with a link to set this up and this will automatically be linked to your account.
  • You can pay the upfront cost of your share of the utilities for your contract length, simply get in touch to request to make a one-off payment. We’ll then send you an email containing a link to make a card payment.
  • If you’re working on setting up a UK bank account but have a payment outstanding, again we can send you a payment method on the above link which will enable you to pay the outstanding balance, this will ensure that your account does not fall into arrears.