If you’d like to cancel your utility contract for any reason, you have 14 days to change your mind from the date that your group complete the ‘Utility Order Form’ whereby no cancellation charges would apply. However, this cooling off period is void if the contract start date has passed and/or in the instance that we have ordered the services for the property. Once out of the ‘cooling off period’, there will be cancellation fees that apply.

To cancel your utility contract, there is a £25.00 cancellation fee per person to close the account down. If you have internet included in your package that has been ordered, your group will also be required to pay the remaining cost of the internet contract upfront, as we are in a 12 month contract with the internet provider.

If your contract start date has passed and your group wish to cancel the contract, we would require a 60 day notice period in which your utility account and payments run as normal, from the date which your group confirm that you’d like to cancel. This is to allow us to cancel all services supplied in your package.

If you wish to cancel just your share of the utilities, please see more information on our article 'I've moved out of my address'.

If you’d like more information on the cancellations process, please let us know along with your reasons for cancelling and we’ll do our best to help to resolve any concerns that you have.

If you're struggling with your living arrangements and would like support, UniAdvocates offer free, independent and confidential support for students, including issues with mental health, finances and academics. You can find out more information on our article 'Student Support Services' or on the Uni Advocates website here.