If you’ve moved out of your property and have found a replacement tenant to take over your share of the utility payments, please get in touch to let us know the replacement tenant's full name, email address and the date that they took over the tenancy. We’ll then send the ‘Change of Tenant Form’ online for the replacement tenant to sign, once this is completed then we can remove you from the account and your payments will be taken over by the new tenant.

If a replacement tenant hasn’t yet been found to take over your share of the utility payments, you would still be liable for the bills until a replacement has been found, as per the terms and conditions of your contract. If you become ‘uncontactable’ or your Direct Debit is cancelled, you would be removed from the utility account and the weekly cost would be amended accordingly for the rest of your group, based on the group size.

If you're struggling with your living arrangements and would like support, UniAdvocates offer free, independent and confidential support for students, including issues with mental health, finances and academics. You can find out more information on our article Student Support Services or on the Uni Advocates website.