Gas & Electricity

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There are no specific energy caps in place so you won’t need to worry about your usage throughout the contract and won’t be charged any extra, so you can sit back and relax!

We have a negligent policy in place simply to protect ourselves if your usage is deemed as irresponsible, however this is really unlikely so don’t worry.


We work with Plusnet and Virgin Media and offer both ADSL connection (included in the standard fixed cost) as well as SuperFast Fibre Optic broadband (for an additional cost) where you can expect speeds of up to 350Mb! You have full control over your selection of broadband to best suit your group so that you never miss a deadline again.


The water in our utility package comes with no specific caps on usage, so you won’t need to worry about those endless showers in a busy student home. We’ll set the accounts up with the water supplier and handle all communication so you don’t have to.

Similar to the gas and electricity, we have a negligent policy in place if your water usage is deemed irresponsible, however it’s really unlikely that you’ll reach this point.

TV Licence

We set up the TV Licence for your property so that you can enjoy watching your favourite TV show or series. You’re legally required to have a TV Licence if you’ll be watching, streaming or recording live TV or watch TV through an online service such as BBC iPlayer. Don’t worry as the TV Licence in our package covers the whole property so you can enjoy watching and streaming on as many devices as you like!

Why students love our services

  • We offer the utility package at a fixed cost which won't fluctuate based on usage, meaning that you can easily budget for the bills cost each month
  • There are no hidden set-up costs when setting up your bills package with us
  • We will contact the suppliers to set up the account and resolve any issues, you won't need to get involved and can sit back and relax
  • Our team handle all communication with suppliers on your behalf
  • There won't be any additional charges at the end of the contract, so this is one less thing to worry about
  • We have an excellent Trustpilot score and are highly praised by the students that we look after